A Great Way To Kick Off the New Year!

Over 60 EMA & ERA members and friends attended the EMA/ERA Annual Networking Social at the Golden Valley Brewery. In addition to food, drinks and raffles, Gary Clark was honored for his many years of service and the new Board was introduced by Ruth

  1. Chairman – Diana Wojcik
  2. Vice-chair – Gary Clark
  3. Secretary- Leonard Weitman
  4. Treasurer – Mike McMenamin
  5. Committee Chairs
  6. Membership – Garry Haslewood
  7. Outreach – Rafael Gonzalez
  8. Marketing / Communications – Mickey Deagle
  9. Social Media – Dr. Laura Zager Ph.D.

Diana reviewed of last year’s events and previewed some of the plans for this year

Last year’s events included

  • An Introduction to Intellectual Property -Dr. Laura Zager, patent attorney
  • Financial, Business and Estate Planning Strategies for Business Owners – Diana Wojcik, patent valuation analyst
  • Getting it all Wrong: How I learned to Love the Lean Startup Leo Frishberg, UX strategist
  • Northwest Electronics Design and Manufacturing Expo (Octoberbest)
  • Understanding at First Sight: Data Visualization Methods and Applications – Martin Kagan
  • Workshop: Selling Strategies for the 21st Century – Sandler’s Training Solutions
  • The New Supplier Chain Strategy – Industry Leaders