November 1 Workshop: Selling Strategies for the 21st Century

Selling Strategies for the 21st Century: Keys to Success with You in Control

Date/time: November 1, 2016 8am–Noon
Location: Sandler’s Training Solutions, 1411 SW Morrison, Ste 200 (map)
Cost: $75 EMA & ERA Members; Non-members $100
Food: Breakfast snacks and beverages provided
Speaker & bio: Jeff Schneider, Sandler Training 971.227.3266

8am: Systematic Selling: Successful sellers take a systematic approach to developing new business. They follow a tried and true, step-by-step process that produces predictable and consistent outcomes. In this module you will learn about the Sandler Selling System and how you can remove roadblocks and ensure a successful outcome to every selling opportunity.

9am: Bonding and Building Rapport: Developing rapport with a prospect is a critical part of any selling system. It is the first step in creating a relationship of mutual trust. In this module you will learn how to use active listening and the OK-Not OK principle to establish a solid relationship quickly. You will also learn to recognize the communication style of the person you are meeting with and how to mirror and match their preferred style.

10:00am: Making Upfront Contracts: One of the keys to successful selling is to maintain control during the selling process. The Upfront Contract is the tool that will enable you to maintain control while not becoming overly pushy or aggressive. In this module you will learn how and when to use appropriate Upfront Contracts in order to produce yes or no outcomes consistently.

11:00am: Uncovering the Prospect’s Pain: Prospect’s buy for their reasons, not the seller’s reasons. And buying decisions are usually made emotionally, and only justified intellectually. Learn how to uncover the prospect’s needs, wants, challenges and problems. Or what David Sandler called “pain.” You will also learn how to use the questioning strategies above to be able to quantify and personalize the pain the prospect is experiencing.

About Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider is President of Schneider Training Solutions, an authorized agent for Sandler Training. His company is based in Portland. Sandler is the leader for innovative training solutions for sellers and managers nationwide. Jeff has trained thousands of salespeople and sales managers up and down the West Coast, on topics relating to sales, sales management and personal development.

Sandler Training

Jeff’s clear and concise teaching style results in audiences walking away with a great deal of practical ideas and techniques that they can use right away. His weekly sales training class, The President’s Club, is transforming an ever-increasing number of sales professionals and business owners into highly-effective winners that are achieving the goals they have long dreamed of.

Prior to starting this company, Jeff spent 18 years in sales and sales management, with most of his experience in media and advertising. Specifically, Jeff managed sales operations for television and radio stations in Spokane, Sacramento, Bend and Portland. He trained and mentored dozens of successful advertising sellers, and earned a reputation as a manager that knew how to take a seller to the next level of their selling career.

Jeff can speak to a wide range of groups, offering an array of topics, including:

  • Break the rules and close more sales
  • The buyer/seller dance: who is leading?
  • Behaviors-Attitudes-Techniques: Improving your BATing average
  • Goal setting: How to get what you really want
  • Breaking out of your comfort zone
  • Cold calling clinic: overcoming call reluctance
  • Discovering pain: the holy grail of selling success
  • Recruiting and retaining high-performance sellers
  • Using DISC to mirror and match your prospect’s personal communication style
  • Creating your personal prospecting plan
  • Negotiating with the savvy buyer
  • Leading effective 1-on-1 meetings with your sellers
  • Conducting effective ride-along’s with your sellers
  • Growing your business via referrals
  • Identifying and accessing your Ideal Customer Profile

For more information on pricing, or to schedule Jeff for your next event, contact him today:

Schneider Training Solutions
1411 SW Morrison St, Suite 200
Portland OR 97205