NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo

NEDME 2023 is on October 18

The Electronics Manufacturers Association of Oregon is excited to announce the highly anticipated 20th edition of the NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo (NEDME). Taking place on October 18th, this event brings together industry professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in electronics manufacturing.

As a hub for professionals in the electronics sector, the Electronics Manufacturers Association (EMA) provides networking, mentorship, and knowledge sharing opportunities. NEDME showcases cutting-edge exhibits, engaging keynote presentations, technical sessions, and valuable networking opportunities. It is an ideal platform to expand professional networks, gain insights into emerging technologies, and foster growth and innovation.

Join us on October 18th to experience the dynamic atmosphere of NEDME. Stay tuned for further details and registration information, which will be available through our official communication channels and website www.nedme.com.


The NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo (NEDME) began 20 years ago, and has grown into the largest event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Originally, called OctoberBest, it was a small collection of industry people enjoying food and good company at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Today, the expo—held at the Tektronix Campus—features nearly 75 exhibitors from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, and draws several hundred attendees each year.

True to its original values, the show continues to bring together members of the local high-tech industry in a fun atmosphere, all the while supporting a good cause—all proceeds from the show benefit the Oregon Food Bank.


Photos courtesy Wally Larsen